Day 3 of 21 Days of Writing: Lola Bunny

Lola Bunny in Space Jam (1996)

Lola Bunny in Space Jam (1996) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Lola Bunny (©2007 Pharaoh)




1st Quarter (Tip-Off)




My soul’s doubled teamed
like The Answer on game nite




Trapped ‘n pressed
in pure love




Cuddling you
is holstering the O’Brien Trophy,
glistening in the light,
satisfying my needs for warth




I dealt with role players,
first-round busts,
horrible trades,
and free agents that only
look delicious on the menu but
disgust me afterwards




But you, Ms. Lola Bunny,
are my #1 draft pick;
Thank you God, the divine recruiter and coach!
I won the lottery
for you’re my franchise player




My most valuable woman




2nd Quarter (Entering Halftime)




Why you…you might ask?
Put it like this,
I am Othello to you
I remembered my first confession to you
as I told my story
OF how I been an outcast
to society and even family ‘n friends
Yet still able to drive down the lane
and attack my goals with authority




OF my travels
for the gritty 59
to a ghetto suburb that engulfs an oasis
and eventually the star of the North
where Minnesota Nice is subbed in for segregation




OF my…
random facts




Instead of boos
you gave me a world of hugs, kisses, ‘n sighs
Once I told my tale




You cared for who Pharaoh really is
Not for what the Pharaoh should be in your eyes
For you allowed me to open up my heart
Just like you did for me…only to help each other win




Now that’s teamwork!
Or at least its foundation…




My Lola Bunny




3rd Quarter (Down the Strech)




I remember those spring days
as the Quentin McCall
of AFRO 3865
A hot shot scholar yearning
to bleed maroon ‘n gold on Saturdays




I always share knowledge
‘n debate; yet I knew of a
Ms. Baller
who wanted my knowledge
On the left corner
my pupils dribble
and senses elevate
and heart rate pacing
as I scout me
some sweet dark chocolate
The lips are Gatorade…they quench my thirst
Eyes and smile
remind me of a championship ring
from miles away
I don’t see nothing wrong
with getting posted up like Big Aristotle
For I wanna palm your curves




At first
I thought I’ll be nothing more
than your ho’ for learning
used only for “academic purposes”




Until the first time we hung out




That Saturday nite
still etched in my history books
Us strolling up and down Frat Row
Shoot, I wouldn’t be surprised if they called
us “Stockton to Malone” or “Showtime”
The night in which it was filled
with liq ‘n dancing ‘n laughs
and swirling the famous cane




Only 1 problem…it was the wrong Kane




The first time
we walked ‘n talked about non – AFRO 3865 topics
The first time
you confessed why you liked me
Is it because of my talents
or willingness to speak out
or even attractiveness of some sort?
I cannot recall
But the fact that you were real about what you said…
No wonder why I care for you very much




4th Quarter (Crunchtime)




those are my feelings on




Why I’m saying this?




I want you to be more than a teammate
I wanna be your go-to-guy
Ready for action
when needed a pick
to shake opponents off
or when it’s time for
the game-winning point
needed in 5 seconds
before the buzzer




If God and Father Time permits




I dream of us
playing one-on-one
not just for clothes (or maybe not)
but for love, for hearts




One question I’ll leave you with tonight,
precious Lola Bunny,
for you got plenty of time to respond




Am I worthy of becoming your #1 draft pick?




Kick, Bama, Kick (Taking Pictures at my First Iron Bowl)

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Before I start, let’s set the mood by tuning in to my favorite song, “the Heart of Courage” by Two Steps from Hell. Shall we? I love that song because it goes well with sports highlights and it’s the song that’s used for the 2013 Auburn football inspiration video.


Good morning everyone!! This football season has been very life-changing for me. This was the second time that I worked at a college football venue. The second time was a charm because I got to take pictures of fans enjoying SEC games, namely Auburn Tigers home football games. For starters, I love taking pictures of events and help people enjoy & remember them. Secondly, football games are fun to cover because you can meet and hangout with fans, workers, and tailgaters while on the job. More importantly, I’m blessed to have the FanPhotos gigs because I was able to witness the greatest Iron Bowl and one of the best college football endings in history last week. It was my first ever Iron Bowl, and I’m proud to capture the moment using my personal and my job’s cameras.

I usually rush to the student section to take post-game pictures. But for this game, I decided to stay on the upper deck, just in case I had to take pictures of people watching the overtime. I thought the game was going into overtime when T.J. Yeldon stepped out of bounds. But the refs gave them one more second to win the game. I prayed that Bama will either miss the game-winning FG or have it blocked again. They indeed missed it, but I didn’t anticipate Chris Davis Jr. field the kick at the endzone. As Davis streaked towards the opposite goalline, I shouted “Run, you [MF], RUNNNNN”. Like the Prayer at Jordan-Hare, the whole stadium erupted in joy when he scored the game-winning touchdown. I was so overjoyed that I fell off a seat and somehow landed on a lady’s chest. We hugged and cheered; she didn’t let go of me for a few seconds.

It was a frenzy of picture taking afterwards. I took pics at the student section, on the field, at Toomer’s Corner, near the bars…you name it! I also had fan interacting with both Bama and Auburn fans. I even took pictures of some of the players; Mack VanGorder is now following me on Instagram. I also talked to Keymiya Harrell and Gabe Wright, while Alex Kozan (on IG) informed me on an error: I was supposed to tag Thomas Jackson on one of the posts, not him.

Thank you Lord for giving me this opportunity to take pictures at games like this. Without FanPhotos, I don’t know how I would captured the celebration and historical moment live.

Links to 2013 Iron Bowl pictures can be found in two places:

Why the Bears Should Draft Te’o (by Timotheus Gordon; 4/5/2013)

English: Photo of Notre Dame linebacker Manti ...

English: Photo of Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te’o taken in 2010. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Chicago Bears fans, let the Manti Te’o watch begin!

According to, the former Heisman candidate from Notre Dame is the second best inside linebacker prospect in this year’s NFL draft. Since the first round will be all about linemen, we may see him get drafted as high as 19th overall. The Giants might try to draft an offensive lineman first to improve their run blocking, which gives the Bears (with the 20th overall pick) a better shot at drafting Te’o. LSU inside linebacker Kevin Minter may be the most explosive and athletic ILB in this year’s draft, but Te’o is the best fit for the Bears’ defensive scheme.

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