About Timotheus “Pharaoh” Gordon



Born and raised in the south side of Chicago, Timotheus “Pharaoh” Gordon has loved the power of writing since 3rd grade, when he copied love poems and read history literature in his free time. He got married to poetry in 2003 after turning in a humorous poem on his daily routine for a homework assignment.  Writing, especially poetry, also helped him develop a voice as a African-American male with autism.

Now a web design certificate student at IIT, he’s exploring blogging, non-fiction, and freelance writing (along with staying with his passion for poetry) in order to inspire people in the wide worlds of social justice (e.g., inner city & autism awareness) and sports. He’s also adding photography to the mix, capturing everlasting moments at events (e.g., dances, rallies, cons, mission trips).

Artist Statement

My writing focuses on sports and social justice. They depict a person’s struggles and aspirations in the inner city, oppressive mainstream society, and a world where people chant “You can’t do this” when he or she is trying to break stereotypes of (let’s say): autism, being an underrepresented youth, athlete, or rapper shying away from commercialism.  I use poetry, blogging, articles, essays, and pod-casting in expressing thoughts.

Meanwhile, I’m also taking up event photography, capturing memorable moments at dances, mission trips, baptisms, poetry slams, cons, rallies, etc.


God and the authors of books in the Bible, my surroundings, Michael Dennis Browne, Alexs Pate, Nikki Giovanni, Gwendolyn Brooks, Donna Williams,  Alice Walker, Bebe Moore Campbell, folktales/mythologies (especially African-American and Greek), Dead Prez, Tupac Shakur, Amiri Baraka, Paul Lawrence Dunbar, William Shakespeare, and Harlem Renaissance writers.

2 thoughts on “About Timotheus “Pharaoh” Gordon

  1. I see that you’re a big romantic! That is awesome! I thought I was the only one who believed in the power of romance and affection anymore! Those are some really great poems that you write, and they are very powerful and speak alot. Very well done!

    Blithe M.

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